Hot August Nights Deal! / Back to Shool

Hello fellow reprappers! 

August is finally here, summer is almost over, and school will soon be back in session!


So for the whole month of Agust and now September we are offering a deal:

*Worldwide- a free 1.75 x .4 hotend on any base printer models. 


*FREE SHIPPING Within the contiguous U.S.A- free shipping if you buy any printer over $399.00.

answer to a question

Here is an answer to a question from one of our customers I thought I would post:


"Hi, I am very interested in purchasing the Iron3D + 9x9. But I have some lingering questions; I have read some notes on the I3 models plastic parts quality, the end stops being unreliable, as well as the hot ends being very unreliable, have these problems been addressed in the Iron3D+?

I can't seem to find any reviews on this particular kit so I figured I would email you guys and see whats up."


Our answer:

Why we choose open source


I remember the excitement from buying our first reprap 3D printer years ago...

IRON3D - 3D Printer 12" x 12"


This printer features a welded steel frame that makes this printer without equal for added stability.

i3x 3D Printer

Our little printer that could.


This printer is based on the original work by Josef Prusa: Prusa i3. All parts on the i3x have been redesigned by XSS Ink.

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